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Longmont, CO  – LongmontROAR will host a public information event in the Trail Ridge Middle School auditorium on Sunday, February 26 at 2 p.m. “The Truth About Fracking” will educate the public on the dangers and consequences of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) and will feature presentations by Wes Wilson, retired EPA engineer; Phil Doe, Environmental Issues Director for “Be The Change”; and Shane Davis, research biologist. In addition, a panel of neighbors will share how they have been harmed by oil & gas wells near their homes.

Currently, oil and gas companies have proposed sites within Longmont city limits. Under current regulations, exploration could occur in the short term near Trail Ridge Middle School, Quail Crossing, Union Reservoir and Sandstone Ranch, and in the long term, scattered throughout the city. Longmont ROAR stands in opposition to this encroachment by the oil and gas companies.

“This is a message the public needs to hear,” says group spokesperson, Joe Bassman. “And it was important to host it in a venue that stands to be most affected by the proposed multi-pad well sites: Trail Ridge Middle School. This is also the location of one of several currently operating contaminated wells.”

Teresa Foster, fellow member of ROAR notes the significance of providing information and facts. This is not simply a rally of neighbors concerned with unsightly, noisy drilling operations in their backyard.

”Having respected scientists explain the hazards associated with fracking next to homes, schools and parks, is extremely important to raise the public’s awareness. There are a host of health, air, water, quality of life, and environmental impacts that need to be taken seriously,” Foster adds.

Trail Ridge Middle School is located at 1000 Button Rock Drive (Longmont).

The event is free and open to the public.

Longmont ROAR is a citizens’ awareness group established in 2012 and comprised of residents from all parts of the city. ROAR seeks to educate and motivate the public about the potential health and environmental hazards of oil and gas exploration and hydraulic fracking in the urban environment of Longmont. Subscribers may sign up for ROAR’s free news and information website, .

For more information, contact Dan Ditslear at 720-494-0916 or visit the ROAR website at

ABOUT: Longmont ROAR is a group of concerned citizens from Longmont and its surrounding rural areas. ROAR hopes that the City of Longmont will assert its right to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of our urban community. ROAR wants to prevent the wasteful destruction of our environment, preserve our economic vitality and our home values, and conserve Longmont’s water, minerals, parks, wildlife, lakes, trails, streams, open space, and recreational areas for future generations.