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“Ridiculously high levels of NMHCs…”

(scroll to bottom for detailed ppts. from NOAA) “…especially the alkanes”  Were the exact words published regarding the air in Erie, CO in a NOAA/Appalachian State University report published Sept. 2, 2011 and conducted Feb-Mar 2011. We are not scientists, … Continue reading

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Earth Guardians’ (Kids) Organization is Coming to Support our Kids!

We are so happy when Earth Guardians asked to partner with Erie Rising! Check out this out!  Earth Guardians is run by CHILDREN!  Yes, that is correct, children!  They saw the issues going on here in Erie and asked to … Continue reading

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Open Evaporation Pits in Grandview & Erie Commons! Did you know???

We are still speechless from what was brought to our attention last week at the BOT meeting. Mr. Shane Davis from The Sierra Club provided us with some insightful information regarding open evaporation pits in Erie.  We were unaware that … Continue reading

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