Erie Moms Credited for Fracking Awareness

“Moms Step Up To Take On Natural Gas Fracking”

We are so honored to be featured by Healthy Child Healthy World regarding the awareness our group is bringing to the Town of Erie and on a national level; for concerns with natural gas operations and mining using hydraulic fracturing which appear as if they may be affecting our childrens’  health.

With this, the situation at hand is now quite surreal.  I have referenced Healthy Child Healthy World on a professional level for years.  I have always turned to them for a trusted resource to give to other families and new parents. Now, I find myself on the other end of the spectrum.  A year ago when I began to investigate natural gas operations I never would have guessed that I would be in the place I find myself tonight.

In my testimony to the EPA September 2011, I ended with this…

“When my boys grow older, I pray they are healthy.  I want them to look back knowing that we did all we could, we were not silenced or naive.  We stood up and voiced our rights to protect ourselves and others.  We did what needed to be done, no matter how inconvenient it may have been. Despite the intimidation of big corporate funding, economics and the argument that we can’t make a difference because we’re too small.  And most of all, because I want them to know that I love them, and that I did all I could to protect them and keep them healthy.  I will never let them look back and ask me why not?  This is important, and I am trusting in you to help make a difference where my arms cannot reach far enough to protect them.”

With this, I am grateful to the team of mothers who have joined me, encouraged me to stay on course, held my hand and allowed me to cry, and for the people who are beginning to listen to us.

Peace and Goodnight.



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Erie Rising is a blog/website about the rapid expansion of natural gas drilling and fracking in Erie, Colorado and the affects this has on our community, families, health and all round liveliness.
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