Read with Caution: Lisa Bracken and “Journey of the Forsaken”

Caution… read at your own risk!  This is in Colorado, so we do not have the luxury to write this off as someplace far far away…

Lisa Bracken takes us on a journey like no other.  Her dry sense of humor can make you nauseous while you read of her accounts, trials and bravery.

Lisa Bracken “This website is my version of a reality show that would simply be too hot for many networks to handle. Hardly anyone will take on this powerful industry, let alone reign it in. Because of it’s unfathomable influence, it is probably one of the most corruptible and corrosive elements infiltrating the regulatory environment. We are without resources, but we are not – yet, anyway – without voice. Here, as events have unfolded, is where you can track the nitty gritty for yourself. We may be unable to curtail this industry’s devastation, but we do hope to expose it.”



About erierising

Erie Rising is a blog/website about the rapid expansion of natural gas drilling and fracking in Erie, Colorado and the affects this has on our community, families, health and all round liveliness.
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